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Some technologies last

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When reading Jeremy Keith’s latest post, I was reminded that a lot of people seem to expect all technologies to be short lived and frequently replaced – when this is not really true at all. Sure, tons of things come and go like phones, apps, and websites, but HTML has been with us for 29 years and will for sure be with us for the next 30 and more. (There are tons of other things too, like C and ASCII, which will probably also be with us forever…for better or worse.)

The anchor element (or “link” as we usually call them) is one of the most important inventions ever because it is what creates “the worldwide web.” The internet is the plumbing so computers and devices can all be connected with wires (or wireless) and find each other, which is great, but the real value is “the web” of links we use to find sites and apps to talk to each other, purchase things we need, and generally live our lives. Even in some sort of “VR ‘meta’ 3D future” there will also be a need to link from one place to another, “hyperlinks.”