I'm Nathan,
nice to meet you.

Let’s grab a coffee sometime and chat. Send me an email.

I’m a product designer and developer in Berlin. I also do product advising for startups, due diligence for seed/A investments, and help entrepreneurs prioritize, focus, and think through their product/MVP.

I push code to GitHub, write on Medium, tweet onto twitter, and occasionally post designs on dribbble. I also write a weekly newsletter named Tuesday TEA Time.


I moved to Berlin to work on Wunderlist. My focus was on improving the synchronization of data between devices and the general experience of using the product across multiple devices.

I now work for Microsoft — they acquired Wunderlist. I am currently focused on prototyping projects for the Outlook design team.

Before Berlin, I worked at LivingSocial in Washington DC, then SF. I took care of the mobile website for a while, then worked on an incubation team.

Before that, I was an educator for web design and development and ran my own independent consultancy for web stuffs.

Tschüss. 👋