I'm Nathan,
nice to meet you.

Let’s grab a coffee sometime and chat. Send me an email.

I’m a product designer and developer in Berlin. I also do product advising for startups, due diligence for seed/A investments, and help entrepreneurs prioritize, focus, and think through their product/MVP.

I push code to GitHub, write on Medium, tweet onto twitter, and occasionally post designs on dribbble. I also write a weekly newsletter named Tuesday TEA Time which includes links related to technology, entertainment, and art. I love finding and sharing cool artists.


I work for GitHub. I am based in Berlin and I plan to be in SF often. Stop by and share a ☕️ some time.

I worked for Microsoft for a while after they acquired Wunderlist. I started a team to prototype a new note-taking experience, then I focused on prototyping projects for the Outlook design team.

As mentioned above, I worked on Wunderlist. I moved to Berlin to work with the team there. My focus was on improving the synchronization of data between devices and the general experience of using the product across multiple devices.

Before Berlin, I worked at Livingsocial in Washington DC. I took care of the mobile website for a while, then moved to SF to work on an incubation team.

Before that, I was an educator for web design and development and ran my own independent consultancy for web stuffs for many years.

Tschüss. 👋