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Everyone thinks everyone is a scammer these days

⭐️ a blog post

Or at least that’s how I feel right now. My personal site here doesn’t get a ton of updates, but I try to keep it alive by posting links to cool stuff I find on the internet from time-to-time.

Well, today, I got a very hateful and angry email from a dude, because I posted a link to their website. I’m sure he’s a nice guy in real life, but this wasn’t the best email for me to get this morning.

You can read about it on the page for the link post he is so angry about: Modular Office Unit.

I took the link down, because I don’t want anyone to be upset because of a dumb link I posted. It’s just a link.

The email really shocked me, and so I took the link down because I had some other stuff I needed to get to. But after taking some time to think about it, I decided to put the link back, add a big disclaimer, and just describe what happened. You can read the post and determine for yourself if I am claiming to either build furniture or write long-form prose about furniture on some other domain…

Is my site confusing? Does he think I’m claiming I made a Japanese pop album in 1982, before I was born? Is it unclear that I am a real person, and I just post links to things I think are cool?

I guess not everyone knows that “links” means links to other places, other things that are not related to me, so maybe I should go and add “to other places” or “I promise I am not claiming I made this, it’s just a link” to every link?

In the moment, I feel more wary of posting any more links at all here. I’m sure I’ll get over it by the end of today. Maybe I should post more often so it’s clear I am a real person…

Super weird email to get tho, for sure… I gotta shake it off and get back to work.

Update: I made some small changes to my site to make super extra clear that links to sites that are not “my name dot com” are to things that I don’t own or have anything to do with. I thought that was obvious before, and now hopefully it’s super obvious. Sheesh.

I updated this article on 8 Feb, 2023.