👋 I’m Nathan

TIL about IndieKit

🔗 a link post linking to getindiekit.com

TIL about IndieKit, which is a small server to allow one to quickly post to a statically generated website (like mine), syndicate posts to other sites like Twitter or Mastodon (like I want to do), and seems pretty customizable.

I’ve had things setup on my phone for a while where I can write a markdown post using iA Writer, committing it using Working Copy, and then it gets deployed with Netlify… but it’s all too much and too brittle.

I really want a simple box I can type some text into, click “publish,” and then it appears here on my site. I don’t post as often as I’d like because of how difficult it is for me to post from my phone.

I’m not sure if IndieKit is the answer for me (I really want a solution that uses Cloudflare Workers if possible), but I’m going to set something like this up soon… I hope 🤞