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Two years in Berlin

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Last weekend was Unification Weekend which means we’ve officially been in Deutschland for two years. We arrived two years ago to a holiday weekend we were not prepared for. Everything was closed, we couldn’t get food for us or the dog, and we definitely couldn’t get any cables or converters for any electronics.

Holidays are something I love about Berlin and Europe: people take them. Over the last two years, it appears more and more businesses are attempting to stay open, especially cafés. However, it seems one will never be able to do much else but drink coffee or beer on a holiday. I’m fine with this.

Except for Christmas. There are many Weihnachtsmärkte open. And all the national museums are open. I’ve heard it’s normal for families to celebrate together at home Christmas Eve and then spend Christmas day out and about. We used to do the same at my maternal Grandmother’s. My Great Grandmother’s last name was Amburgy, but that is the American version possibly of Amburger.

For the last two years we have gotten each other annual passes to the national museums on 25 Dec. They cost as much as visiting 5 or so museums a year, plus we get to go to one on Christmas. Flying back to the USA during the “holiday season” is way too expensive, so it’s better to wait, remain in Berlin, and visit some museums.