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A newsletter

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Soon, I will start sending a newsletter with interesting stories, analysis, and links to things that I find interesting. I’ll also include some paragraphs and links to what I’ve been up to. There will definitely be content about startups, Berlin, and tech. There will also be a bit about art and entertainment and how they intersect with tech.

I won’t be posting these emails as blog articles: it is meant to be consumed as a newsletter. The frequency will be every two weeks at first: every other Tuesday around 5pm GMT. I’ll be sending out the first issue 1 Aug.

The name of the newsletter is “Tuesday TEA time.” Yeah. (Tech, entertainment, and art.)

I am using Revue to write and send the newsletter. So far, so good. Their support has been super responsive (thanks Martin).

You can subscribe to my newsletter by following the link below to my Revue profile page.

I look forward to sending you some interesting emails in the near future.

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