Yo, I'm Nathan Herald. Nice to meet you.

Basic Information

I am developer, designer, husband, and nerd. I enjoy helping those around me however I can. Let’s grab a coffee or pastry sometime and chat.



I work on Wunderlist for 6Wunderkinder in Berlin on the best task management app for teams, individuals, cats – everyone. I focus on improving the synchronization of data between devices and the general experience of using the product in a multi-device manner. I stress about the details; probably more than I should.

Other projects

I also build things in my spare time.

I’m currently working on a project to encourage us all to be more aware and take a photo every day named 30days30snapshots, to be released early next year.

I also built the fetcher app that pulls in all the data for display on this site. Not every site offers an api so I built a set of scrapers. I try to keep the scrapers up to date, but some sites change way too often (cough medium cough). The app is running on heroku and the source is on GitHub.

And of course I’m also building an encrypted messaging app like everyone else these days. NaCl, blah, pgp, blah…

Things I’ve written

Medium articles

From time to time I write on Medium. [dynamically load the latest article].

Svbtle articles

I also post to Svbtle sometimes especially if it’s more technical or has code examples. [dynamically load the latest article].

Projects and code

I share the code I write on GitHub.

I’m trying to make all of my new projects open source, even if they are my own private products or services. [dynamically load the stats].

Photos I’ve taken

I share photos of my dog’s butt on Instagram. I used to upload photos to Flickr but it really is going downhill over there.

[dynamically load the latest photos].

Designs I’ve shared

When I design something worth sharing I show it on dribbble. I try to share works in progress like we all used to when it was just comments on Cameron Moll’s blog.

[dynamically load the latest shots].

Random things

When I find random things I like I post them to tumblr. [dynamically load the latest post type]:

[dynamically load the latest post].

Find me online

I tweet onto twitter, bookmark junks with pinboard, listen to music with rdio, use WeChat and Path to document where I go and what I do, and I like to message with Path Talk sometimes too.

Is this website broken?

Nope. This started as a joke, but I really liked how it looks and so this will be my website for a while. I wrote the #contentfirst using Writer and then noticed that the markdown document (minus the images) really had everything I needed for my website right there. Here is a screenshot of my Writer document.